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🐾Purpose of Deposit: By placing a deposit, you're not just making a random choice; you're securing a prime spot for future puppy selection. It's your ticket to being at the forefront when it's time to choose your new Golden Retriever.

🐾Prompt Communication: After deposit placement, we prioritize you! Expect us to reach out soon to schedule your unique selection date.

🐾Chosen a Pup Already?   If a specific puppy photo has already won your heart, let me know. During the checkout process, you'll find a special comments section. Drop a note there to keep us informed.

🐾100% Refundable: Your peace of mind matters. All deposits remain 100% refundable until after you've made your selection. No strings attached.

🐾 Final Payment Flexibility:  Don't worry about the final payment just yet. It's only due on the exciting day you come to pick up your new furry family member.

Let this deposit be the first step in a joyous journey of bringing home a delightful puppy. We're here to ensure it's smooth, transparent, and filled with anticipation for the beautiful days ahead!

Golden Retriever Puppy Deposit

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