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How to prepare for a new puppy

Updated: Jan 22


It's almost time to bring your new Golden Retriever or Goldendoodle puppy into your home.

There's hardly an experience as exhilarating and heartwarming as bringing home a new puppy! Whether you're adopting a sprightly Golden Retriever or an adorable Goldendoodle, this is a life-changing moment filled with joy, excitement, and tons of wagging tails! However, before the pitter-patter of those tiny paws graces your home, preparation is key.

Imagine the big day: You, the proud puppy parent, arriving at my place, eyes searching for that furry bundle of joy that will soon become an integral part of your family. But to transition smoothly, some groundwork is essential. Dive deep into research about puppy care, from nutrition to socialization, ensuring your home is a haven for your new arrival. As a responsible breeder, I can't emphasize enough the importance of a prepared environment – think of toys, comfy bedding, nutritious puppy food, and a dedicated space.

While it's an undeniably thrilling adventure, remember that your new puppy relies on you for everything. So, set the stage right! This moment is not just about expanding your family; it's a commitment to a new life. And when all is set, trust me, the joy of holding your puppy, feeling its heartbeat against yours, is unmatched. Get ready for a whirlwind of happiness and tail wags! Welcome to the wonderful world of puppy parenthood!

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